Make a test call

The first time you make a call, the Room Controller app prompts you to allow access to your camera and microphone. It is important to do this prior to disconnecting your mouse.

  1. Tap video-rain Meet on the navigation panel.
  2. Tap the Search bar to search and select a contact, room, or meeting from the list.
  3. Using your mouse, on the display click Approve app to use Camera and Microphone.
  4. After joining the call, on your tablet, tap end-call Leave meeting.


Place display in full screen mode

To optimize your meeting experience, complete the following steps before disconnecting your mouse and keyboard.

  • To expand the Dash app to full screen on the display, select F11 on the keyboard. If you have a Google Enterprise account, you should enable kiosk mode for full screen mode.
  • To hide the cursor on the display, select any key on the keyboard.

Setup is complete. You can disconnect the keyboard and mouse.