Kiosk Mode (Windows)

Configuring your Windows device for kiosk mode is recommended to limit user behavior that can potentially interfere with the availability and operation of your Lifesize Dash room.

When kiosk mode is enabled, your Windows device will:

  • Boot directly to Lifesize Dash upon startup
  • Only allow users to access Lifesize Dash


Enable Kiosk Mode 

When you set up kiosk mode, also known as assigned access, for your Windows device, you will also create a kiosk user account. If there are any local standard user accounts on the device already, you will have the option to Choose an existing account.

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & other users.
  2. Under Set up a kiosk, click Assigned access, and then select Get started.
  3. In the Create an account dialog, enter a name for the new account.
  4. In the Choose a kiosk app dialog, choose Lifesize Dash.
  5. Click Close.

Now, when you sign in with the created account, your Windows device will launch Lifesize Dash in kiosk mode. To exit kiosk mode at any time, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Disable Kiosk Mode

To turn off assigned access:

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Accounts > Family & other users.
  2. Under Set up a kiosk, click Assigned access.
  3. Under Kiosk info, click Remove kiosk.


Note: Device configuration instructions are made available for convenience during setup. For the most current information regarding the features of third-party hardware devices, please refer to the applicable manufacturer or developer documentation.