Lifesize Go

Connect up to 8 people on a group video, and make as many calls as you like, without restrictions on meeting length. Invite attendees by text message or email address with no download or account required to get started.

Share a presentation or other content and collaborate instantly over our fully encrypted network.

Start a Lifesize Go meeting

  1. Navigate to
  2. Type your name and email address and then click Let’s Go to start your meeting. 

NOTE: When starting up the Lifesize Go app using Google Chrome, make sure Chrome has not blocked your camera and microphone. Chrome requires that it has permission to use a site’s media, such as for video conferencing. Lifesize prompts you to allow these settings when you first log into the Lifesize app using Chrome. Refer to this Google article for information about these settings.

In-call activities

  • Add a participant
  1. Click  to invite up to 7 more participants.
  2. Type their email addresses, phone numbers, or copy and share the meeting link. You can also select a participant from the Recently Invited section.
  • Share your screen or presentation. NOTE: Screen sharing is only available on desktop.
  1. During a call or meeting, click to start sharing your desktop. If someone else is presenting, they need to stop their presentation before you can begin yours.
  2. Using the tabs, select to either share:
    • Entire screen
    • Application window
    • Chrome tab
  3. Click Share

Click  to close your sharing session.

  •  Turn microphone on or off
  •  Turn camera on or off
  •  Leave the meeting