How to...

Make a call

  1. From the Home Screen, tap the Call icon.
  2. Tap the Directory icon.
  3. Select the person to call.
  4. Select Dial as video or Dial as voice.

Locate and add contacts using Recents, Directory, or Favorites. Join a meeting using Meetings. Use the Keypad to dial a phone directly. 

Mute audio

While in a call, tap the Mute Audio icon.

The lights on the Lifesize Phone HD turn red when audio is muted.

End a call

Tap the End icon

There are several ways to end a call. You can remove yourself or one or more of the participants on the call.

Adjust volume

While in a call, tap the Volume icon. Adjust the volume with the slider.

To adjust the volume before starting a call, tap the Start icon on the Home Screen to access the Volume icon.

Start a presentation

While in a call, tap the Present icon.

While in a call, tap the Layouts icon for screen layout options. To end presentation mode, just tap the Presenting icon.

You can share your screen whether you are in a video call or giving a presentation to others in the conference room.

Mute video

  1. While in a call, tap the More icon.
  2. Tap the Mute Video icon. 

Move the camera

  1. While in a call, swipe left and tap the Camera icon.
  2. Re-position/zoom camera using the controls.

If you would like to move the camera before you make a call, tap the Camera icon on the Home Screen.

You can add a preset by pressing and holding a number in the Presets bar.

When you are in a one-on-one call, you can move their camera. Just look for the Remote icon.

Enable Do Not Disturb

  1. While in a call, tap the More icon.
  2. Tap the Do Not Disturb icon.

Record a call

  1. While in a call, tap the Record icon.
  2. Select the person to own the recording.

NOTE: Lifesize Record and Share is required to be able to record a call.