Install the Room Controller app

  1. On your iPad tablet, download the Lifesize Room Controller app from the Apple store.
  2. Open the Room Controller app and enter the Room Access ID (displayed when you activated your Dash conference room) or scan the QR code with your tablet’s camera.
  3. Tap Next

Navigation panel overview

Learn where to access key features, settings, and support resources.

video-rain Meet:  Join active meetings, access your favorites, and view recent calls.

share-screen Present: Share your screen during a call.

directory Directory: Your contacts, meetings, and room systems are combined into one directory.

schedule Calendar: Connect your Google and/or Office 365® calendar and see all of your meetings.

Camera: Preview your video from your connected camera source.

 Volume: Adjust the volume of the speaker output

app-help Help: Access our help documentation.

 Settings: View system information.

Make a test call

The first time you make a call, the Room Controller app prompts you to allow access to your camera and microphone. It is important to do this prior to disconnecting your mouse.

  1. Tap Meet on the navigation panel.
  2. Tap the Search bar to search and select a contact, room, or meeting from the list.
  3. Using your mouse, on the display click Approve app to use Camera and Microphone.
  4. After joining the call, on your tablet, tap end-call Leave meeting.

Place display in full screen mode

To optimize your meeting experience, complete the following steps before disconnecting your mouse and keyboard.

  • To expand the Dash app to full screen on the display, select F11 on the keyboard.
  • To hide the cursor on the display, select any key on the keyboard.

Setup is complete. You can disconnect the keyboard and mouse.