Joining a meeting

Select > to show available meetings. Details about the meeting can include the start time, meeting name and description. Calls that require a passcode show a lock icon .

The status for a meeting can be one of the following entries:

Live The meeting has started.
Live in <minutes> The meeting starts within 10 minutes.
Ready The meeting is open to participants but has no participants yet.
Active Participants have already joined the meeting.

If an active meeting is full, the bridge does not accept new participants.

Unavailable No resources are available.
Full No ports are free because the conference is full.

Select an entry from the list to join the meeting. If the meeting has not yet started, a counter shows the time remaining until the meeting is live. You can join the meeting ten minutes before the start time; the bridge connects you automatically when the meeting is live.

Joining a meeting from the calendar

  1. When subscribed, your Lifesize Icon and Lifesize Phone HD receive a list of meetings for the next two days. Select Calendar, and scroll to the meeting you wish to join.
  2. Click on the meeting to join. You can join the meeting up to ten minutes before the start time.

At the time of the meeting, a pop-up notification will be displayed to the invited participants. Click Yes to join the meeting.

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