Eight IT Challenges Solved by Cloud Conferencing

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This quick guide shows how to:

Effectively manage distributed teams

Remove reliance on IT

Easily start using video conferencing today

Change video conferencing perceptions to get company buy in

Learn how cloud video conferencing can help with:

  1. Managing a distributed workforce
  2. Deploying video without creating additional work for IT
  3. Maintaining security and minimizing complexities
  4. Sparking excitement and driving adoption of video conferencing
  5. Embracing BYOD and interoperability
  6. Connecting the entire company, including meeting rooms
  7. Scaling to keep up with a company that is growing … FAST
  8. Keeping current with the latest products and features

Download the Eight Challenges Solved by Cloud Video Conferencing guide and you’ll also get:

  • Lifesize Cloud vs. Video “Meet-Me” Services
  • Cloud Video Conferencing, A Comprehensive Guide
  • 10 Things to Consider Before You Invest in Video Conferencing
  • Own Your Meetings Guide

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