[Guide] Frost & Sullivan Review: Lifesize Video Conferencing

[Guide] Frost & Sullivan Review: Lifesize Video Conferencing

Lifesize recently entered the Frost & Sullivan Analyst’s Gauntlet for an in-depth review of our cloud-based conferencing and collaboration service. This report details the pros and cons of the service, including the Lifesize app, Lifesize Icon 450 huddle room camera system and Lifesize touchscreen conference room phone.

Download this guide to see where Lifesize ranks in:

  • Ease of setup and use
  • Audio and video quality
  • Collaboration feature set
  • Ease of administration and management

Frost and Sullivan Analyst Gauntlet Lifesize Review

Collaboration without

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Get a feel for the Lifesize experience from your desktop to the meeting room with our interactive, guided tour. We promise it will be worth your time.

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