Satisfy both end-user and IT demands by cutting the cord and implementing wireless screen sharing in your meeting spaces.

Analyst Report

Solve BYOD Complexities with Intuitive Wireless Content Sharing in Meeting Rooms

As businesses continue to adopt BYOD policies with the intent to increase productivity, device fragmentation complexities are preventing employees from easily sharing information from their devices and actually slowing down the way we collaborate.  

The ability to wirelessly share content in your meeting spaces not only empowers users to seamlessly share their screens, it also eliminates the frustrations that come with trying to connect a fragmented conference room.

Download this report to learn how to choose future-proof investments that empower employees and modernize your meeting rooms for the new connected workforce.

Download this report to learn:

  • The impact that open office plans and other workplace trends have on company meeting culture
  • How businesses are incorporating BYOD into their meeting room environments
  • How wireless screen sharing relieves device fragmentation
  • Short- and long-term factors to consider with meeting room technology purchases

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