Learn how high-quality video is transforming the way global companies meet, collaborate and do their best work without compromise.

Analyst Report

Harvard Business Review: Global Companies Transform Business Collaboration with High-Quality Video

Your ability to communicate effectively is what ultimately drives your company forward. The video conferencing industry has adopted the notion that “good enough is good enough,” but the way you meet and communicate with your colleagues shouldn’t be something you have to settle on. Learn how the best global companies enable their teams to do their best work collaborating face to face with customers, clients and teammates without compromise.


Download this report to learn how:

  • Global companies are reaping new business benefits from video-oriented workspaces
  • Collaboration platforms are evolving with cloud services paired with specialized hardware to enable “better-than-real-life” meetings
  • Companies remedy the challenges that might come with a video conferencing solution implementation
  • Three new innovations are changing the way businesses collaborate

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