NAT/Firewall (Lifesize UVC Transit)

For many video conferencing users, secure firewall and NAT traversal is a top priority.

Lifesize UVC Transit, part of the Lifesize UVC Platform, is a complete firewall and NAT traversal video conferencing collaboration solution that enables secure Full HD (1080p30) video calls within and across networks.

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Illustration of the UVC Manager in action.

Product Details

  • Simple to Deploy

    Available as virtual machine software or hardware, the Lifesize UVC Platform enables immediate deployment of the Lifesize UVC Transit Server or Lifesize UVC Transit Client, with an easy try-before-you-buy option and a built-in deployment wizard for easy setup and configuration.

  • Secure Communications

    The Lifesize UVC Transit solution includes the Lifesize UVC Transit Server and Lifesize UVC Transit Client. Together, they make IP video conferencing collaboration more secure, more scalable and easier to manage. With standards-based H.460 and SIP firewall/NAT traversal, you can talk to colleagues, partners and suppliers reliably and securely.

  • Flexible and Cost Effective

    Lifesize UVC Transit offers flexible licensing so you can buy the capacity you need today and scale as you grow—efficiently optimizing the allocation of your IT resources and budget.

  • Optimized for VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V®

    All products in the Lifesize UVC Platform are optimized to run on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technologies.

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