Gatekeeper (Lifesize UVC Access)

Comprehensive and intelligent IP routing and control of H.323-based video conferencing networks of any size or complexity.

This gatekeeper solution helps organizations define, control and manage video conferencing traffic—voice, video and data.

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Lifesize's UVC Access - organize, define, control and manage your video conferencing traffic—voice, video and data.

Product Details

  • Simple Collaboration

    For those who use video conferencing to conduct business and improve communication throughout their organizations, complex dialing strings can be hard to remember and difficult to use. Lifesize has always focused on simplicity and ease of use, and dialing is no exception. Lifesize UVC Access simplifies call-dialing policies, enabling abbreviated numeric and URI dialing for H.323 endpoints and infrastructure devices.

  • IT Flexibility and Control

    Controlling utilization of limited network bandwidth is a daily challenge for IT. Lifesize UVC Access gives IT administrators full command of the video conferencing network with zone-specific control over bandwidth usage.

  • Scalable to Maximize Your Value

    Lifesize UVC Access offers flexible licensing so you can buy the capacity you need today and scale as you grow, thus ensuring improved utilization of IT resources and budget.

  • Optimized for VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V®

    All products in the Lifesize UVC Platform are optimized to run on VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technologies.

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