ISDN (Lifesize Networker)

Lifesize Networker provides an all-in-one, enhanced gateway for integration between IP and ISDN video conferencing networks.

Deceptively small yet surprisingly powerful, Lifesize Networker delivers flexibility, allowing users to connect Lifesize video conferencing systems with ISDN video systems.

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Picture of the Lifesize Product Networker hardware box.

Product Details

  • Unique Flexibility

    Lifesize Networker offers flexible configuration options that allow users to work with single or multiple Lifesize video systems. A single gateway offering connects directly to the Lifesize Room 220 or Lifesize Team 220 or through the wiring closet to share with any Lifesize video system. Lifesize Networker also works with 1X ISDN PRI and 4X ISDN BRI. Leverage Lifesize Networker to provide maximum connectivity to users, ensure seamless IP-to-ISDN video conferencing calls and utilize the most cost-effective networking for your organization.

  • Seamless IP to ISDN Connectivity

    Lifesize Networker enables IT administrators and network managers to provide their communities of users complete connectivity to anyone, anywhere. Standards-based Lifesize Networker enables ISDN connectivity to H.264, H.263 and H.261 codecs and supports up to eight calls spread over one PRI interface.

  • Cost-Effective

    Lifesize Networker gives users access to a full-featured gateway that includes multiple audio and video standards—in other words, a complete high definition solution regardless of network connectivity. Ideal for individual or multiple video systems alike, Lifesize Networker is the most cost-effective, highest-value video conferencing gateway on the market.

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