Administration (Lifesize Control)

Lifesize Control is an all-in-one video administration software platform that provides centralized management of your entire video conferencing network, including multivendor environments.

Because Lifesize Control is the most open and interoperable system in the industry, administrators can easily manage video calls and schedule recordings without the additional investment into multiple platforms to manage multiple video devices.

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Product Details

  • Realize Efficiencies

    For those looking for an all-in-one video management software platform, Lifesize Control is the answer. This fully integrated, secure, web-based application supports Lifesize Desktop, Lifesize UVC Transit, Lifesize UVC Video Center, Lifesize video systems and third-party video conferencing systems. With Lifesize Control, video conferencing management, administrators can easily manage video calls and schedule recordings over any video conferencing equipment, managing multiple video devices within the same system.

  • Simple to Manage

    The Lifesize Control Smart Scheduler, with Automatic Call Establishment software, delivers a low-touch, easy-to-use scheduling and call launch platform. Administrators simply discover and manage equipment, inform Lifesize Control of appropriate associations between endpoints and infrastructure and then sit back and let the software handle everything from system scheduling to call establishment.

  • Easy to Use

    With Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps integration, Lifesize Control makes reserving video conference resources as simple as reserving a conference room. Lifesize Control e-mail integration requires no server-side patches and no client-side plug-ins, making it as easy to install as it is to use. Plus Lifesize Control, video conferencing management platform, supports any e-mail client on any device, including iPhone, Android and Windows 7 mobile.

  • Usage Reports

    Powerful, graphical reporting available on demand makes tracking usage and service-level agreements easy. The Lifesize Control, video management software, report-subscription service keeps administrators informed, even while away from the office, through PDF reports that are delivered directly to their inboxes or mobile devices.

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