Streaming and Recording

Video Streaming and Recording

You’ve just completed a company meeting in which critical business decisions were made and you have an epiphany: it would have been nice to have recorded it on video so other stakeholders could view it later.

That’s just one of scores of business scenarios perfect for video conference streaming and recording from Lifesize. With Lifesize, you can be everywhere—live or on demand. Broadcast your company meeting in HD to employees wherever they are. They’ll be able to view it securely on their tablets, laptops or smartphones in the highest resolution their devices support (assuming they aren’t on a bad network).

You can also stream and record company updates, business presentations, sales meetings, training sessions, announcements, new employee welcome greetings—even fun activities like company socials, community volunteer events and holiday wishes for your remote workers and road warriors to view at their leisure. Plus, you can embed live and recorded videos on public websites, intranets and social media.

Lifesize's video conference streaming and recording solution is your very own video center where you can post videos for later viewing via a web browser. The biggest advantage is the ability to stream content to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people—whomever you give permission to view—live. That’s powerful.

It’s the video age, and Lifesize video streaming and recording is a brilliant solution for companies seeking to seize a competitive edge and keep their employees and business ecosystem engaged.

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Streaming and recording

Product Details

  • High Quality HD Experience

    With Lifesize UVC Video Center, access to HD-quality video streaming, recording and playback is at your fingertips. At the single press of a button, you can record and publish HD-quality video to thousands of viewers so that they see exactly what you want them to see. Live and on-demand videos are automatically optimized for every viewer—desktop, laptop, tablet or phone—ensuring a quality viewing experience with minimal delays or buffering, even on the smallest devices.

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