Baerlocher Case Study

The Future Is in Video Communications

Baerlocher Group and Lifesize Cloud TeleconferencingBavarian plastic additives company uses Lifesize video conferencing technology to connect with employees, customers and partners worldwide. The Baerlocher group of companies is one of the world’s leading providers of plastic additives. Additives have a considerable effect on the processing properties of plastics as well as the quality and property profile of the end product. Baerlocher manufactures a wide range of additives for polymers, which are used in many industries.

Founded in 1823, the company now boasts 16 production sites around the world in Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Turkey, the United States, China, Malaysia, India, Korea, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Baerlocher uses Lifesize video conferencing technology to ensure the best possible communication between sites.


“The sound quality is very good and also the HD video transmission runs smoothly. We are really very satisfied with the chosen solution.”
– Heinz Leyk, Head of IT, Baerlocher

Video Conferencing for New Company Sites

The search for video conferencing for Baerlocher started with a need to expand into new production sites. The organizational integration of new employees at these sites resulted in a lot of business trips. Over time, people began to demand the participation in meetings without actually having to be on site, which involved being able to share presentations and documents. Teleconferences were not a suitable solution, especially as it was often unclear which participant was talking at any given time and the absence of visual feedback led to miscommunication between participants. This was reason enough for Baerlocher to start the search for a video conferencing solution.

A live product demonstration delivered by a Lifesize channel partner made the decision an easy one. Heinz Leyk, head of IT at Baerlocher, explains: “We were looking for a solution that would work without internal back-end systems, and we didn’t want to build any additional line capacity for simultaneous incoming and outgoing video calls.” So the fact that every video call is processed via the cloud-based Lifesize infrastructure made capacities and network load easy to calculate. The Lifesize collaboration solution and individual software accounts can also be set up quickly and easily. “We have been also hugely impressed with the external partners’ expertise and that everything has been provided, set up and implemented extremely quickly. We wanted to avoid a large-scale internal implementation project,” Leyk explains. He initially chose 25 licenses of the cloud-based Lifesize software application and equipped its conference rooms at eight main sites with Lifesize HD camera and phone systems. “The sound and HD video quality is very good and seamless. We are extremely pleased with our chosen solution.”

Baerlocher added additional user accounts after receiving extremely good employee feedback. “The demand for the desktop version has considerably increased, so the scalability and flexibility of the Lifesize solution is a real plus,” adds Leyk.

Video Communication for Employees, Customers and Partners

A mix of business unit heads, global production managers, sales and HR teams, procurement and applications departments now use Lifesize video conferencing technology — about 150 employees in total. The company’s management also benefits from video communication, as long journeys are no longer necessary. “Using a video conferencing solution has streamlined our organization. To fulfill our mission ‘think global, act local,’ we need a good connection with all of our communication partners. Video communication makes this a reality,” explains Leyk. A complex project in Asia, for example, no longer involves high travel costs because coordination meetings, jours fixes and presentations can now be held via video instead. Baerlocher also integrates customers and partners worldwide through the Lifesize web-based application. The Lifesize Web App enables business contacts to quickly and easily join meetings for free via a link and without the need to download any software. Leyk adds, “This is a huge benefit for us. We all have better contact with our colleagues, project work is more efficient and the number of emails has also been reduced.”

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