How CAPSA FOOD improves resource management with Lifesize

CAPSA FOOD (Central Lechera Asturiana, Larsa, ATO, Vega de Oro, and Innova Food Ingredients) is the leading company in the Spanish dairy market and has six production centers distributed throughout the Spanish geography. With a strong presence in more than 40 countries, CAPSA FOOD is the source of employment for more than 1,300 people.

In 2017 CAPSA FOOD was recognized as the company with the best reputation in Spain, according to the REPTRAK study by the Reputation Institute. In addition, CAPSA FOOD is the first Spanish food company to earn the 500+ European Seal of Excellence, awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the Club of Excellence in Management (CEG), implying that they are a well-managed company and a “model to follow” at the national level.

CAPSA FOOD supports the primary sector and the rural world, promotes health through nutrition and healthy living habits and protects the natural environment while respecting the environment.

The Challenge

The organization initially started looking for a video conferencing provider to cut back on time, money and carbon emissions for their 1,300-person staff. After trying a few different solutions, they started running into other issues — the connections weren’t reliable, end users depended on their IT departments to call into meetings, the equipment cost was exceeding budget, and so on. Then they looked to Lifesize.

“We chose Lifesize because we needed a cloud-based solution with a low implementation cost that would be easy to use, a feature our employees needed because the previous solutions required them to contact the tech department whenever they wanted to have a video conference.”

— José Luis Vega Pardo, Infrastructure and Security Manager at CAPSA FOOD

Lifesize got down to work

After analyzing CAPSA FOOD’s specific needs, Lifesize set up a technology infrastructure to improve the internal management of the company’s network of employees, partners, clients and suppliers. Both companies agreed that the most appropriate solution was the Lifesize Medium Business Subscription service, which consists of Lifesize Icon 400 devices set up in 10 meeting rooms, and 500 user software licenses, which are primarily used from mobile devices like laptops and smartphones.

In addition, the Lifesize Device Software Subscription provided them with a complete combination of services that help protect the investment, maximize its value and guarantee optimal performance throughout the Lifesize system’s entire lifespan.

Moreover, Lifesize video conferencing technology in the meeting rooms was automatically incorporated into Skype for Business, which CAPSA FOOD already deploys. This integration provided them with greater flexibility to both solutions and promoted their combined use.

How did Lifesize improve resource management at CAPSA FOOD?

From the moment the project began, CAPSA FOOD knew that Lifesize was the right choice. Not only was there a very positive response from employees, executives and other departments within the organization, they knew they would be able to see the benefits quickly.

“The solution provided by Lifesize perfectly adapts to our needs and offers us excellent value for our money and interests.”

In a short time, the company saw a 25% reduction in the trips that its employees normally took to visit facilities and clients and attend meetings at other centers. Now, end users have the choice to meet via video — internally and externally — with greater ease from their own personal devices, giving them more autonomy to manage their own collaboration sessions. They even recorded and shared their training session for their remote employees to access.

A solution for everyone

The Lifesize video conferencing and collaboration solutions are used in all the departments at CAPSA FOOD, but primarily in the areas of business and marketing, human resources, production and exports.

“With Lifesize, our meeting rooms are always connected. Its cloud-based service is helping us experience connectivity on a whole new level.”

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