Q&A with First Commerce Credit Union

Financial institutions offer very compelling insight into the ways Lifesize distinguishes itself from competitors. When it comes to security and reliability for business-critical communications, Lifesize offers banks a solution that delivers the best in compliance, performance and affordability. We chatted with Carson Utecht, Vice President of People at First Commerce Credit Union, about how Lifesize has streamlined operations and helped move the bank into the future.

Can you give us an overview of how First Commerce uses Lifesize?

We use Lifesize as a way to bridge employee communications across nine branch offices spread throughout North Florida and South Georgia. Most notably, we use Lifesize for the weekly regional manager meetings. Before video conferencing, the managers had to physically travel to see each other, which took anywhere from a half hour to three hours door to door. Now we’ve reduced the total time for these meetings to one hour — and eliminated the added expense of lost time and productivity. The managers took to the new system very well. We also use Lifesize for HR trainings and can turn what used to be a half-day onboarding process into an hour.

How is Lifesize helping First Commerce achieve its transformational business goals?

We’re moving into a more virtual world, and Lifesize helps us prepare for this eventuality. One of our most interesting use cases has to do with hiring staff for our new interactive teller devices. Interactive tellers, which will replace a number of ATMs and drive-thrus, are staffed virtually. We’re using Lifesize to conduct interviews for these positions for the sole purpose of seeing how comfortable candidates are on camera. Distant candidates are now interviewed on Lifesize to save travel time and expense for a first interview

What do you think is the best thing about Lifesize?

Ease of use. I literally press a button to speak to someone in a different branch or be face to face with a candidate or vendor.

As you researched video conferencing systems, what influenced your decision to go with Lifesize?

First and foremost, we needed a system that would comply with the strict cyber security protocols stipulated for financial institutions. After researching all the options, not only was Lifesize the most affordable, the quality of video was superior — much crisper and clearer than competitors. I came to First Commerce from a large, global organization that regularly used video conferencing and at first I thought we’d just use the same system. But the price tag was shocking.

Did anything surprise you about your experience with Lifesize?

I had a very profound experience with Lifesize customer support. We had a technical issue that we thought was going to require someone visiting us onsite. But since the customer support call took place over video, the technician simply walked us through the fix on a sample device. We were able to replicate the fix on our own device as we watched. This was a sheer delight.

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