Lifesize Streamlines Boardroom Communication for Keller

When Keller Asia-Pacific faced immense challenges facilitating effective communication among its Asia-Pacific offices, the company turned to Lifesize to expand its collaboration solution and cut down on travel time and cost.

Organization — Keller

Keller Group is the world’s largest independent ground engineering specialist, operating in more than 40 countries with around 10,000 employees who provide advanced, cost-effective foundations for major infrastructure projects. Operating as Keller Australia, Waterway Constructions and Austral Construction in Australia and New Zealand, Keller engages in major industrial, commercial, environmental, mining and infrastructure projects. This extends to piling and diaphragm wall solutions and treatment of soft soils, sands and rock to solve foundation challenges for this vast array of projects.

Lifesize Brings Real-Time Video Conferencing to Keller Asia-Pacific Boardrooms

When Keller began focusing on operating as a global enterprise, the company made a big push to increase global collaboration. Part of that effort was unifying the large Asia-Pacific region and breaking down the barriers of distance among its offices in Australia, India, Singapore and Malaysia. The company determined that video conferencing would ease the need for travel in this push for unification.

While Keller had already deployed Lifesize units in several of its Australian offices, the rest of the company’s Asia-Pacific boardrooms needed a new hardware solution for its key offices in the region. Keller was having significant issues with the quality of its video connections in part because each office had built its own system. Needing a robust, enterprise-quality video communication platform across the key boardrooms, Keller turned to Lifesize.

Over the past year, Lifesize has provided a solution with the award-winning Lifesize® Icon™ conference room system in the main Australian office, two boardrooms in India, one in Malaysia and two in Singapore, along with a mobile unit.

“I’m pleased to say that the outcome has been very positive and well-received by management,” said Keller Asia-Pacific’s Group ICT Manager, Dino Moscato. “No matter which boardroom they walk into, they’ll find a standard setup, and they really like the one-touch ease of use of the Lifesize system.

The Lifesize Icon HD camera and phone systems are now being used daily in the Keller AsiaPacific boardrooms, particularly for calls in India between Mumbai and Chennai. “A video conferencing connection between the two cities didn’t really exist before,” explained Moscato. “Our users in India are ecstatic — they’ve already been able to forgo a number of flights because they have a reliable video conferencing system.”

Video conferencing plays a critical role in connecting Asia-Pacific, where multiple languages make audio-only connections a challenge. “Seeing people as you’re talking to them makes it a lot easier,” said Moscato. “There are conversations that can happen now that couldn’t without video — it makes breaking down that communication barrier a lot easier."

Looking to the future, Moscato feels he has a go-to source for video conferencing for Keller AsiaPacific. “When [conferencing systems] are required or when upgrades are needed, Lifesize will be the system of choice.”

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