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Paulaner moves to cloud-based videoconferencing worldwide

Paulaner and Lifesize Cloud Conferencing

Paulaner is renowned for being the finest brewery in Munich and maintaining the highest quality standards since 1634. The traditional Munich brewery’s products are seen worldwide as the embodiment of Bavarian beer and culinary tradition. The Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb is the most popular beer of its kind and an important flagship product for Munich’s way of life, exporting to over 70 countries.

Since 2015, the brewery’s production facility and management offices have been in different locations. The beer is brewed in Munich’s Langwied area, whereas the management is based in the city’s Au district. In order to save commuting time and still ensure efficient communication between the two sites, Paulaner’s management decided to deploy a video conferencing solution. “Our staff would have wasted far too much time in Munich traffic travelling between the two sites,” explains Nikola Parlov, System and Applications Developer at Paulaner. “A video conferencing solution seemed to be an ideal alternative.” A second, important reason was communication with distribution companies in the USA, China and Italy. “We need to have in-depth discussions with those offices about things like strategy, finance, controlling and logistics,” adds Parlov. “When compared to the travel costs and the loss of time and productivity, it was an obvious decision.”

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"The unanimous view is that our meeting culture has vastly improved."
–Nikola Parlov, System and Applications Developer at Paulaner

On-premise vs. Cloud-based Technology

With the help of a partner, Parlov and his team started looking for a suitable video conferencing provider to replace the existing teleconferencing equipment in their meeting rooms. The choice was between the established industry players, which were all carefully scrutinized based on selected criteria. Some contenders had to be excluded from the running extremely early because Paulaner was specifically looking for a cloud-based solution. “On-premises solutions require the use of our own phone lines. But this creates performance issues when communicating with China,” explains Parlov.

Crossing Borders with Your Browser

Implementation required only a slight adjustment of the company’s firewall settings and a minimal adjustment of security guidelines. Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon 600 meeting room systems with integrated HD cameras and audio units were installed at all sites. Paulaner’s IT experts decided to use either one 75” screen or two 60” screens. “With these screen sizes, the caller looks the same size as if you were talking face-to-face and even split shared presentations are easy to read,” adds Parlov. For an even better visual effect, Paulaner also added a splash of color by painting the wall facing the camera blue. “It looks great on the screen,” explains Parlov.

Alongside the conference room systems, Paulaner started off with 10 licenses of the cloud-based collaboration software, later expanding this to 25 and then 50 as demand grew and grew. “The flexible scalability perfectly meets our needs,” adds Parlov. In addition to the conference rooms, the Lifesize app is also used on laptops and on the go on smartphones and tablets. It is primarily used by employees who would otherwise have to make a series of phone calls. “One of the most popular features is the ability to invite guest callers to the meetings, who can then join the conversation with a simple click in their browser. This works especially well with partners in China.”

A Better Meeting Culture

“The unanimous view is that our meeting culture has vastly improved,” Parlov concludes of the company’s experience with Lifesize. There have been no reports of connection issues, and the satisfaction with regard to quality is sky-high. In addition, the costs have been recouped within weeks, as the travel costs have been so drastically reduced. The Paulaner team’s response to the conference room systems has also been extremely positive. “The meeting rooms are generally always booked,” adds Parlov. “If we expand our capacity even further, we will definitely come back to Lifesize.”

“The price/performance ratio was simply the best for our needs.”
–Nikola Parlov, System and Applications Developer at Paulaner

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