Lifesize Extreme Support One Pager

We love our customers! Helping you achieve success and earning your business for life are our goals. To do this, we have built a world class support offering to help you realize the most from your investment.

You mean the world to us; to prove it, we have staffed our global support team with skilled technical support engineers who are experts in our products. This Extreme Support team is yours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is accessible— really accessible. You can chat, email, call, submit a request online and ask a question in Lifesize Community. We care about your success and partner closely with your Customer Obsession Team to ensure that your experience with Lifesize is seamless.

In addition to Extreme Support, you also have a Customer Obsession Team who starts their relationship with you when you join our Lifesize family and who sticks with you—well, we hope forever.

And if that isn’t enough, you get priority access to our support team, a one-hour meaningful response time (by one of our skilled engineers) and access to special community groups.

For Extreme Support customers we also offer a 99.9% uptime service level agreement, giving you assurance that our service will be there when you need it.


NOTE: Feature availability and price vary by subscription plan, selected options, and paired devices.

What support do I get as an Extreme Support customer?

Extreme Support with 99.9% uptime service level agreement1 Included
Access to Lifesize Community  
Online access to onboarding and training materials  
Global support Phone, live chat and online
Support hours 24x7x365
Initial meaningful response2 time 1 hour3
Prioritized support queue  
Customer Obsession Team for onboarding, training and success  
Account reviews
(Drive value and ROI through adoption, capacity management, product roadmap, customer support analysis and learning, product feedback and more)

  1. Please see the official Lifesize Extreme Support Service Level Agreement for full details.
  2. A Lifesize support engineer provides a meaningful response or resolution to your issue.
  3. Includes holidays and weekends

What is a Lifesize Customer Obsession Team (COT)?

What is a Customer Obsession Team? Glad you asked! Your Customer Obsession Team is accountable for your onboarding success and for ensuring that you are getting the most from your Lifesize products. But it doesn’t stop there. They stick with you forever. (We told you we loved our customers.)

Your primary Lifesize Customer Obsession Team contact is your Customer Success Advocate.

Customer Success Advocate

  • Ensures your success with Lifesize by making sure that you are receiving the maximum benefit from your Lifesize solution
  • Onboards your company
  • Educates the Lifesize Extreme Support team on your implementation
  • Enrolls you in the Lifesize Community and educates you on how to get the most from it
  • Reaches out to you after your successful onboarding to ensure that you are getting the most value from Lifesize
  • Touches base with you from time to time to ensure that you are getting everything you need from Lifesize

How do I report an issue I’m having with Lifesize?

Contacting us is fast and easy! Simply submit a support ticket and you’ll be prioritized to the top of the queue. You’ll receive a response within the hour!

Cloud Migration Service

If you have an existing video conferencing infrastructure, let Lifesize Professional Services assist you with a Lifesize migration plan.

What is the Lifesize Community? How do I access it?

The Lifesize Community is your one-stop resource for all kinds of great information, from self-help to getting new product announcements to requesting new features, because we want to hear from you! Bookmark the Cloud Information group on the Lifesize Community and start interacting with us!

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Toll Free US +1 877 543 3749

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Toll Free Europe
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APAC Regional Office
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