Now Everyone, Everywhere Can Make a Video Call from Their Browser

Better in the Browser

Making a Lifesize Cloud video call has never been quicker or easier. Meet the Lifesize Cloud Web App — now all of the rich features you’ve come to know and love in our desktop and mobile apps are available in Google Chrome™ and Internet Explorer® 11.

Marvel at the presence-enabled, search-based shared directory that lets you place a call with one quick click. Join a meeting room for a scheduled call or invite others to join your call via email or calendar invite. Share your screen. Record and share via Lifesize Cloud Amplify, our powerful recording, sharing and auto-publishing solution.

Gone are the days of downloading and installing an app on your desktop. Simply go to and start calling. You’ll enjoy all of the features you’d expect to find in a video calling app at a level of quality that is remarkable. In fact, no one but you will know you are calling from within your browser — it’s that good. We think you’ll like it so much that you’ll make the Lifesize Cloud Web App your #1 bookmark.


  • Fully featured browser-based app available via Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11
  • No download or installation required
  • Ideal for any PC/Mac® running Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 and Chromebooks™
  • Presence-enabled, search-based shared directory with one-click calling
  • Meeting rooms for scheduled calls
  • Join via audio-only from a local phone number in more than 50 countries
  • Presence-enabled chat in and out of calls with history
  • Two-way screen sharing for subscribers and guests
  • Recording and sharing available via Lifesize Cloud Amplify

Use Cases

The use cases for browser-based audio, web and video conferencing are endless. Here are a few ways we think the Lifesize Cloud Web App can transform your business.

Business Users

Productivity is enhanced by efficiency, and the Lifesize Cloud Web App delivers that in spades. Beginning with single sign-on, users can utilize the Lifesize Cloud Web App for audio, web and video conferencing and chatting without disrupting their workflow. There are no compromises on experience. Anywhere you can connect with a browser, users can collaborate.


Teachers can use video technology to keep in touch with one student, a group or an entire class. They can tutor and run flipped classes. All students need is a computing platform with internet access. From the primary grades through university studies, Chromebooks are becoming the norm. They are most affordable, assure IT that only approved applications are installed and cut down tremendously on desktop support.

Customer Service

The Lifesize Cloud Web App can have a big and positive impact on customer service. Rather than a chat window popping open, a customer can be invited as a guest to a video call to share their screen and troubleshoot the issue. Won’t that elevate the trust when the customer can see the CS representative actively working to resolve their problem?

  • Favorites

    Pin your most frequent contacts here for quick and easy access
  • Recents

    View a list of all your recent calls and click to call them back
  • Meetings

    Click to call into a meeting room for a scheduled call
  • Directory

    Click to call anyone over video or audio or send them a chat
  • Chat

    Send a quick chat to start a conversation with one person or a group of people
  • View

    Watch your recorded videos and share them with Lifesize Cloud Amplify
  • Invite

    Send an email or calendar invitation to your meeting
  • Manual

    Direct dial an IP address, or use for DTMF tones
  • Screen Sharing

    Once you’re in a call, click to share your screen or a specific application

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