Lifesize Live Stream Competitive Analysis Series

Why Lifesize Live Stream?

Lifesize Live Stream provides unmatched flexibility, broad accessibility and exceptional simplicity to foster more effective communication throughout your organization.


Enable any of your Lifesize virtual meeting rooms for simultaneous live stream events. Lifesize Live Stream offers the best value — stream the way you want.


Expand the reach and impact of company meetings and important events. Up to 10,000 viewers can watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.


Lifesize Live Stream was designed with simplicity in mind — for use by everyone in the organization. Lifesize Live Stream is integrated with the Lifesize App, making it easy for users to get started and for IT admins to manage.


Experience professional, engaging events with the broadcast quality that comes from Lifesize® Icon™ conference room systems paired to the Lifesize service.

Ask Yourself

  • Do you want a streaming solution that allows audiences to watch company-wide meetings or presentations from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be?
  • Do you want a streaming solution that’s integrated with your cloud-based conferencing solution?
  • Are you looking for a solution that does not require time-consuming training, complicated setup and admin oversight?
  • Are you interested in recording your live stream events and sharing them from your own personal video library?

  • Lifesize® Live Stream Cisco WebEx® Event Center Citrix GoToWebinar® Blue Jeans®
    Unlimited simultaneous events and flexible number of viewers per event (up to 10,000) 3,000 max viewers 5,000 max viewers 5,000 max viewers
    Actively participate in live stream events anywhere from any device
    Active participants can only join from desktop Active participants can only join from desktop Cannot join as an active participant from Android devices
    Up to 50 video-enabled speakers in a live event Max of 5 video-enabled speakers Max of 6 video-enabled speakers
    Streaming in HD Max of 360p
    Record and share both video and content Can’t record video stream (content only)
    Seamlessly join events as a presenter from conference room systems for broadcast-quality experience Cannot present from a conference room system Cannot present from a conference room system Requires pairing process from computer
    All information on the competition is based on publicly available information


    NOTE: Feature availability and price vary by subscription plan, selected options, and paired devices

    Consider This

    Keeping it simple
    Other streaming solutions involve complex processes to set up and run events. Some even offer professional services to help with managing events — that doesn’t sound easy. With Lifesize Live Stream, enabling streaming takes just a few clicks in the Admin Console. Your IT pro can quickly and easily enable any Lifesize virtual meeting room for secure live streaming. Set the viewing permissions, enable questions for real-time Q&A and automatically generate the link for the event. Watching a live stream event is even easier. Click on the link you received from the moderator, and you’re in! Viewers can watch from a variety of browsers and mobile devices no matter where they happen to be.

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