Video Conferencing for Oil, Gas and Energy

In oil, gas and energy businesses, efficiency is key. Whether you are trying to cost-effectively communicate with workers in the field or reacting to an emergency, collaboration is a necessity.

Video collaboration solutions from Lifesize connect office workers and field staff instantly, as high quality video communications eliminate the need for travel.

We invite you to explore how video conferencing systems from Lifesize will help you streamline operations to maximize efficiency. Read more about the Lifesize video conferencing solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

How Lifesize Helps Oil, Gas and Energy

  • Streamline Operations

    For companies managing energy or utilities across an entire region, having specially trained experts at all locations can be inefficient and cost prohibitive. With Lifesize HD video conference calls, experts can monitor everything from lake levels to energy availability at multiple locations from the comfort of their offices, without the need for travel. Your experts can communicate with regional staff in real time and share data with one another to ensure that demand is being met and plants are running at appropriate levels.

  • Collaborative Communications

    With workers on exploration sites, offshore rigs and other remote locations scattered across multiple regions, safety is critical. That means keeping communication lines open with partners and resources in those locations to assist in case of an emergency. A video solution from Lifesize can help facilitate a face-to-face meeting efficiently and cost-effectively, without the need for travel.

  • Manage Crisis Response

    Efficient crisis management and response is vital for both environmental and organizational reasons. Lifesize video conference calls enable responders to communicate face to face in real time to assess situations, discuss contingency plans and broadcast important communications to their teams—wherever they may be and on any device.

  • Telemedicine for Remote Locations

    While many exploration sites have nurses on staff, they often require whole teams of workers to be away from the nearest specialized medical care for months at a time. When a worker at a remote site becomes ill, a Lifesize video conference solution can enable a virtual consultation with a remote specialist who can evaluate and diagnose the patient in real time.

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