Here’s the support you need.

We’re always ready to help you get the most from your Lifesize solution. Whether you need to talk to someone in your time zone or to access technical documentation, we are committed to supporting our customers all across the globe.

Browse through the video conferencing support options below, where you can review product documents, check out training and even download the latest software updates. You will probably find the answers you need there.

In the Cloud On-Premise

support topics

  • Software downloads and updates

    Access all the latest software updates for your Lifesize hardware solution. If you use Lifesize Cloud, you’re set because we automatically keep your software updated.
    Download updates

  • Cloud status updates

    Be in the know and stay up-to-date on the operational status of Lifesize Cloud on our status updates page. Status updates are delivered in real-time, 24/7. Subscribe to receive instant email alerts so that you stay informed.
    View status and subscribe

  • Installation information

    Learn more about our Global Deployment and Installation Programs that give you a single point of contact to get your Lifesize solution up and running, anywhere in the world.
    Learn about installation

  • Product documentation

    Search electronic versions of all product user guides, administrator guides, deployment guides, quick reference cards, release notes and more.
    Browse documentation

  • Training and education

    Get access to everything from product training videos to virtual classes and certification program information. It’s the know-how you need to make the most of your solution.
    Access training

  • Warranty information

    Learn about buying or renewing your Assurance Maintenance Services (AMS), which covers hardware and software. Get the video conferencing support needed to optimize your Lifesize solution.
    Learn about warranty

Regional Support Phone Numbers

If a phone number for your region is not listed below, or if you cannot connect using the number provided, please call the US line directly at +1 512 347 9300.

Americas +877-543-3749

  • Canada +877-543-3749
  • United States +877-543-3749
  • Latin America +1-512-347-9300
  • South America +1-512-347-9300

Asia +800-2573-6668

  • China 00-800-2573-6668
  • Australia 0011-800-2573-6668
  • India 000-800-100-3515
  • Hong Kong 001-800-2573-6668
  • Japan 010-800-2573-6668
  • Singapore 001800-2573-6668

Europe +800-5433-7493

  • Belgium 00-800-5433-7493
  • Finland 990-800-5433-7493
  • France 00-800-5433-7493
  • Germany 00-800-5433-7493
  • Italy 00-800-5433-7493
  • Netherlands 00-800-5433-7493
  • Norway 00-800-5433-7493
  • Spain 00-800-5433-7493
  • Belgium 00-800-5433-7493
  • Sweden +46-85-000-8664
  • Switzerland 00-800-5433-7493
  • United Kingdom 00-800-5433-7493