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Lifesize On-Premises

Your Lifesize products will run at their best when you keep them current. To make sure yours is up to date, you can download software updates here. To activate your video conferencing software download, log in to your account below. If you’re new to Lifesize, you must first create an account. Once it’s active, you’ll be able to download software, and you’ll be registered to get software update notifications.

Download software

Please note: You need a current maintenance agreement to access product updates. If yours isn’t current, contact your authorized Lifesize partner or email us directly at Service Renewals.

Recent Updates

Lifesize Icon customers are advised to bookmark this webpage and monitor the Recent Updates section to ensure they are up-to-date on the current software releases. Additional update information is available on the Lifesize Icon What's New Page.

Lifesize Cloud

Already a Lifesize Cloud customer and looking for the Lifesize Cloud app? Visit our Lifesize Cloud Software Download page to download the Lifesize Cloud app for your laptop (Mac or Windows), tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android). 

Download Cloud App

Please note: You must be a current Lifesize Cloud account holder to download the app. Want to try out Lifesize Cloud free for 14 days? Click to start your trial.

Recent Updates

If you use Lifesize Cloud, you don’t need to worry about these updates. Your software updates automatically, so it’s always up to date. Additional update information is available on the Lifesize Cloud What's New page