Lifesize WebEx® GoToMeeting® Blue Jeans® Zoom® StarLeaf
Interoperable cloud video offering  1  
Integrated, plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD phones for every room  2
Consistent experience across devices  3
Directory with name-based dialing
Instant and scheduled meetings
One-on-one and group calls
One-on-one chat
Group chat in a meeting room  5  5  5  5
Up to 50 live participants in HD video  6
Unlimited audio-only calls included for users and guests in more than 50 countries
Recording in HD  7
Sharing via personal video library
Skype for Business support  8
Web-based app support
Desktop app support
Mobile app support  9
  1. Additional cost
  2. Zoom Room (limited deployment options / capabilities)
  3. Not for HD camera systems
  4. Not escalation
  1. Only during specified meeting window. No group history.
  2. Up to 17
  3. Video mail
  4. Enterprise Plan only
  5. iOS only