12 Days of Geek | Day 10 | Iconic toys of 1978

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Q. What iconic toy was introduced at the legendary Studio 54 in 1978?


The gameplay might have been inspired by the Atari console game Touch-Me, but the revamped music and mobile form factor made it a completely new experience—one worthy of a midnight party release at the iconic Studio 54. Unlike the grating electronic sound effects of Touch-Me, the Milton Bradley game’s sounds were modeled after the beautifully flowing notes of the bugle.

Red, red, blue, yellow, green, red, green—the game was Simon.

Ralph H. Baer, the “Father of Video Games,” worked on the original prototype, then called Follow Me, and pitched the game to the Milton Bradley Company. It was at this point that the name of the game was changed to Simon. The game was an immediate success and went on to be one of the top-selling Christmas toys of 1978.