The 500-Pound Turkey in the Room

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That pesky 500-pound turkey — sitting there in the corner, hell bent on committing rogue IT atrocities and ignoring the technologies that you and your team have adopted across your company. It’s time to cook that turkey, take back control for IT and combat those detrimental but easy-to-ignore issues plaguing your organization’s communication strategy. Here are a few tips for stuffing that turkey:

500lb Turkey in the Conference Room

1. Understand the needs of the people

One way to combat shadow IT and the lack of departmental adoption for your communication strategy is to find out what technologies people truly need to be more productive. Giving employees from different departments a chance to weigh in gets them invested and makes it easier later on in the adoption process.

2. Take inventory of your current technology stack

Do some digging. Try to identify the tools that various departments are using in the shadows. When you come across something outside of the approved stack, don’t freak out. Stay calm. This is just inventory — don’t bring the hammer down just yet.

3. Empathize with and learn from your remote workforce

Most companies have employees located across the world, making workplace communication and connectivity more important than ever. Poll your remote workforce to measure their perception of company connectedness. Are your current communication tools working well to bridge the geographical gaps? Teleworkers can provide good insight into bad communication.

4. Do some testing

Users typically resort to shadow IT when barriers to connect become too great. Put on your free trial hat and check out tools that are scalable and easy to deploy, serve multiple functions, meet the communication needs of remote workers and integrate well with your other tools. Make good use of trial evaluations and put the features to the test.

5. Build an airtight adoption plan

Now that you’ve identified the tools hiding in the shadows, interviewed your on-site and remote workforces and gone through a successful trial, it’s time to create an adoption plan that sticks. Executive buy-in is easy enough — everyone wants more productive collaboration. Communicate the benefits and get people excited about the selected technology. Share the stuff that motivated you to purchase the solution and focus the story on how it will make users’ lives better every day. By prioritizing an intuitive user interface, end user training will be a breeze. Just make sure you can track progress and report on usage with your CIO and everything should go smoothly.

Flash forward 30 days. You’ve finally finished the 500-pound turkey leftovers, your company is using the tools you’ve selected and you still have plenty of time to think up a New Year’s resolution. How does it feel?

But seriously, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Lifesize. We are truly grateful for the unique opportunity to connect so many people in so many industries across the world.

Gobble Gobble!