The Rise of the Connected Video Conference Room System

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Say bye to dropped conference calls and start meeting better with Lifesize video conferencing.

Many of us spend a big chunk of our work life in the conference room (physically and virtually); and for some, hopping from room to room, meeting to meeting is just as routine as the morning coffee pour. Unfortunately, the meeting experience isn’t always perfect, or even productive. With minutes wasted waiting for everyone to show up or dial in and dealing with dropped calls and technical difficulties, the momentum and mind-set of the meeting can get lost.

Based on the sheer amount of time we spend in the conference room, it’s important to make the meeting experience as seamless, integrated and adaptable as it can be. In this particular webinar, Lifesize Global Director of Sales Engineering Scott Rankin and Sr. Product Marketing Manager Amanda Etheridge talk about how you can “connect” your conference rooms to eliminate those dropped calls and technical difficulties, providing a more productive video meeting experience for everyone.

The Lifesize connected video conference room consists of a Lifesize® Icon™ camera system connected to a display, touchscreen Lifesize® Phone™ HD with integrated directory on the table and the feature-rich cloud-based Lifesize service facilitating the connection through a global network of data centers.