Lifesize Share: AirPlay for the Enterprise

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If you’ve ever used Apple AirPlay® to wirelessly connect your Macbook®, iPhone® or iPad® to an AppleTV®, then you’ll feel right at home using Lifesize Share’s native AirPlay integration — but, unlike an AppleTV, Lifesize Share™ doesn’t restrict connectivity to just Apple devices. There’s always been an unspoken tug-of-war between Mac users and PC users around the office. While marketing teams and designers tend to skew toward Mac, many finance, accounting and manufacturing professionals prefer PCs for their day-to-day operations. 

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For most businesses, a healthy mix of Mac, PC and “other” tends to be the most effective solution — which is why it’s so critical to have a platform-agnostic solution for screen sharing in the meeting room.

Historically, supporting multiple operating systems has required companies to adopt dongle policies for meeting room connectivity. On one extreme, older PC models only support VGA-out, requiring a VGA-to-HDMI dongle to connect to a modern meeting room display. On the other end, new Macbooks are standardizing around Thunderbolt™ 3, and who knows what next year’s models will use. The answer isn’t in keeping up with the latest and greatest dongle; it’s enabling BYOD policies through wireless screen sharing.

Whichever operating system you keep in your pocket or on your desk, you’ll be happy to know you can wirelessly connect in the meeting room with Lifesize Share. If you’re an Apple enthusiast, enjoy our integration with Apple AirPlay, and if you’re a PC purist, enjoy the flexibility of all of the different ways you can connect to Lifesize Share using your web browser.

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Press Release: Lifesize Brings AirPlay and Added Flexibility to the Enterprise