An upgraded mobile app just in time for travel season

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You’ve trademarked your process for packing a week’s worth of clothing into an overnight bag. You’re a certified expert at maneuvering through the security check line. You rack up more miles in a month than the average person does all year. But before you head out for your next trip, make sure you update your Lifesize Cloud mobile video conferencing app. We think you’ll like what you see.


Now with full screen 16:9 format and 720p resolution.

The latest update to Lifesize Cloud brings with it a refreshed mobile experience that continues to enhance consistency across all devices. When you fire it up for the first time, we think you’ll feel right at home in the new interface—right down to the recent chat and call history and new screen share slider that lets you focus on the people or the presentation from your device.

It’s incredible how quickly the priorities have changed for companies wanting to add video conferencing to their meeting and collaboration tool set. Just a year ago, a mobile app and mobile video conferencing were on the “bonus features list,” but now that people are starting to see how productive face-to-face communication from anywhere can really be, they are nonnegotiable features.

From the mobile warrior dialing in from the road 250 days a year to the work-from-home employee who just wants to stay connected with the team, mobile video conferencing is becoming a central part of people’s daily routines. When you find yourself away from the office, whether foreign or domestic, this travel season, make sure you follow these tips to get the most out of your mobile video calls:

• Bring your charger everywhere. Every new phone release comes with more and more battery life, but it never hurts to have a charger on hand if you need a quick fill.

• Bring a backup battery pack. Chargers work only when you have access to an outlet. Backup battery packs offer a second line of defense for days when you might run low.

• Wear a headset with a microphone. The headset will help isolate the noise where you are and let you hold a conversation without making a public scene.

• Ride the mute button. Set yourself to mute when you aren’t talking and only unmute yourself when you need to talk.

• Be aware of your background. As nice as it is to sit with your back to a window for the purpose of people watching in the airport, heavy backlighting can create harsh silhouetting in a video call.

 Keep your Lifesize Cloud app up to date. You’ll want to have access to the newest features and enhancements, after all.

Lifesize Cloud is evolving rapidly, and we’re happy to have you on board. Be sure to check our Recent Updates and What’s New sections on our website to learn more about our cloud-based video conferencing solution.