Extreme Call Me Page Makeover– The Evolution of Continuous Improvement

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Lifesize is committed to creating a great user experience for all of our customers. Not only does Lifesize ensure that we meet our customer needs, we take great strides to create elegant solutions that provide an engaging experience, as well. The evolution of a design is based on customer needs, usability testing and customer feedback.

Upon launching Lifesize Cloud, the need quickly arose to allow users to access the service through the web for both guest users and Lifesize customers. This led to the development of a “Call Me” webpage with various calling options. (See Figure 1.)



After conducting usability testing, a recommendation was made to clarify the calling options as well as align better with the updated Lifesize branding. (See Figure 2.)



When it became evident that this webpage was being used more and more—especially by guest users—the need for another design iteration arose. Providing better customer engagement through interactions on this webpage was key. We retained the same great functionality and added Microsoft® Lync® integration in a more visually stimulating interface. Usability testing was once again conducted to finalize the updated concept and design.

Our latest iteration uses parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate than the foreground when scrolling the webpage. We created a test Call Me page for you to see it in action, just don't expect anyone to answer the call. We hope you find this new Call Me page makeover pleasing. (See Figure 3.)


The launch of the new Call Me page is part of our X11 release, which is focused on delivering a great experience for our customers. We’ve made numerous behind-the-scenes updates focused on enhancing performance, quality, stability and scalability so that you get a great experience each and every time you make a call.

Lifesize Cloud is evolving rapidly, and we’re happy to have you on board. Be sure to check our Recent Updates and What’s New sections on our website to learn more about each release.

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