Continuing the Conversation Beyond the Meeting

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If you are like me, you recognize that conference room standing team meetings are necessary to track progress, eliminate ambiguity and keep projects moving forward – or at least you recognize that’s their intention. But as attendees sit there (im)patiently while others discuss their issues and problems, striving to stay alert and attentive, there are still moments when we drift off.

I prefer to think this happens because we have very active brains. We are constantly thinking, focused on what we could be producing if we weren’t sitting in a meeting where there is much discussion but seemingly too little actual progress.


The real progress occurs after the meeting when we get back to work – except that when we look at our meeting notes, we forget why we wrote those comments next to our action items. What did this mean again? Our recollection is a little foggy because, let’s face it, we weren’t completely tuned in. And when the project lead sends the meeting recap, the confusion just thickens.

This is where Lifesize Cloud group chat is invaluable. It allows everyone on the team to continue the conversation beyond the meeting – answering questions, resolving issues and maintaining momentum. It’s multitasking at its finest. And when something comes up that’s bigger than chat, we can instantly transition to video with the click of a button. It lets us stay connected, track issues and make decisions quickly. And if there’s ever any confusion, we always have a chat history to reference.

Standing meetings in conference rooms have their place, but I think Lifesize Cloud Group Chat, where the conversation continues after the meeting, is the place where work gets done.