Customize Your Conference Room with Lifesize Phone HD

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Every organization is unique. You may have offices all over the globe, a few local teams you collaborate with daily, or both! Keeping track of time zones and essential numbers can be cumbersome, especially when your day is filled with meetings. Shouldn’t the phones in your conference rooms be tailored to your organization so you can get into those conversations easily and quickly? With Lifesize, they can. The smartphone for your conference room just got smarter with a customizable home screen.


For Lifesize® Cloud customers with Lifesize Phone HD attached to a Lifesize® Icon™ 400|600|800 system, you can personalize the home screen of Lifesize Phone HD to display the buttons you use the most — choose up to four buttons or none at all. Standardize across all of your offices or create unique home screens for certain rooms like the boardroom or the CEO’s office. Customization of buttons and time zones is easily managed through the Lifesize Cloud Admin Console.

Let’s look at all of your choices for buttons.

Present Start a presentation. You can share your screen whether you’re in a video call or giving a presentation to others in the conference room.

Camera Reposition/zoom the camera. You can also store up to nine preset camera locations.

Calendar Subscribe your Lifesize Icon systems to your calendar service for on-screen calendar displays and a list of today's and tomorrow's meetings.

Sleep Switch to power-saving mode. Press Wake to resume normal operation.

Start Jump to the Start screen to access all of the features of Lifesize Phone HD.

Volume Access volume control, and easily adjust the volume with the slider.

DnD (Do Not Disturb) When Do Not Disturb is enabled, other calls will not come through.

Health This is a quick and easy way to check the general health of your conference room system.

My Info Let people know how to contact you on your Lifesize Icon conference room system. View the name of your system, video numbers, voice numbers and a link to international phone numbers.

Favorites Call a user, meeting room or conference room system listed in your favorites.

Call Make a call. Once here you have several options. Locate and call contacts using Recents, Directory or Favorites. Join a meeting using Meetings. Use the Keypad to dial a phone directly.

Directory Call a user or a meeting listed in the company directory. Select the person or meeting to call and then Dial as Video or Voice.

Meetings Join a meeting listed in the Meetings Directory.

Recents Redial a recent number.

Add a Call Shortcut Add a call shortcut for users in your Directory, Meetings or others outside of your company that you frequently call.

Have offices across the globe? We’ve got you covered — Lifesize Phone HD can display the time zones that mean the most to you. You can select up to four time zones to display, and you can even display a custom set of times zones for every conference room.

Ready to customize your Lifesize Phone HD home screen? We put together a simple walkthrough to teach you how.