Celebrating Cyber Monday with Lifesize!

by in Cloud

Shortly before midnight on Friday, November 28, people all across America—their belts still stretching to contain an overindulgent Thanksgiving dinner—descended on stores and shopping malls across the country, fighting both record cold temperatures and the madding crowds for a shot at rock-bottom deals on the most sought-after merchandise.  But not you!  No, you sat comfortably in bed, secure in the knowledge that the real bargains wouldn’t start until Monday, December 1—Cyber Monday.


According to several reports, last year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest one yet, with Adobe Systems Inc. estimating that online sales totaled roughly $2.29 billion, an increase of 15.7% over the previous year.  If that trend continues, we’re looking at total revenues in the $2.65 billion range for 2014—and if anything, that’s a conservative estimate.  Online retailers are fighting each other tooth and nail to secure your business, and because all the deals are online, you can take advantage of their offers while lounging around in your pajamas, sipping your morning cup of coffee.

At Lifesize, we’re getting into the Cyber Monday spirit by offering $1,000 off the purchase of select Lifesize Icon + Lifesize Cloud configurations, starting today and running all the way through December 26.  That’s a thousand bucks you can spend on other Cyber Monday deals instead, and we wouldn’t be Lifesize if we didn’t give our faithful blog readers some pointers on how to get the most out of their newfound grand.  So with that in mind, here are some pro tips on winning everyone’s favorite consumer holiday this year!
  • Most retailers are keeping their deals close to the vest for the time being, so consider bookmarking your favorite retailers’ Cyber Monday pages and checking them regularly for updates.  Here are a few of the big ones: Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock, and Fry’s.  A quick Google search of “[retailer name] + Cyber Monday” should turn up anything we’ve missed.
  • Because Cyber Monday doesn’t have the same stock issues that Black Friday does, deals can typically be found throughout the day.  So if you’re on the fence about a particular offer, remember that Cyber Monday deals are often like subway trains: if you miss one, another will come along in ten minutes.
  • Deals for appliances, televisions, and gaming systems are almost always better on Black Friday, while Cyber Monday boasts bigger markdowns on clothing, shoes, beauty products, toys, cameras, and travel. Prioritize accordingly.
  • Always do your research!  This one seems obvious, but when you’re getting bombarded with deals left and right, it’s easy to get flustered and forget the One Commandment of Bargain Hunting: it’s only a bargain if you actually use it.  By doing your research ahead of time and knowing exactly what products you’re looking for instead of grabbing at the first offer you see, you save money rather than waste it.
So there you have it: the official 2014 Lifesize Cyber Monday guide!  Don’t forget to take us up on our big $1,000-off offer.  How will you spend that extra grand you’ve saved on your Lifesize Icon + Lifesize Cloud combination?  Tell us in the comments!