Enhance Company Town Hall Meetings in 7 Steps

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With the average person spending one out of every three minutes of every workday in a meeting and the US employee engagement rate soaring at a whopping 33% in 2017 (clearly a huge leap from 32.6% in 2016 and 32% in 2015), keeping meetings spicy and employees interested is always a top concern.

7 ways to enhance your town hall meetings

Employees disengage at work when they don't feel needed or connected to their organization, so giving them an opportunity to connect and be a part of something larger than their cubicles backs up their individual roles in the grand scheme of things. To combat engagement issues, some modern companies have initiated town hall or all-hands meetings, where all employees of every sector tune in for a short company-wide meeting every few weeks to discuss company goals, achievements and mission statement alignment.

We’ve assembled a list of seven ways to make your company town hall meetings more appealing and interactive and get employees engaged and motivated to make the most of their roles in the organization.

1. Celebrate Your Winners

Everyone like getting awards — whether it be a pair of branded socks or a plaque, employee recognition is a cost-effective motivation booster that lets those awarded feel good about their work. In fact, workers who receive strengths-based development are 23% more engaged. But it’s important to not only recognize those who made huge sales or earned more financially — recognizing those who perform random acts of kindness and align with your company’s mission is just as important.

2. Avoid Too Many Suits

Always putting the CEO up to speak is predictable— employees like to hear from other people too. Including nonleadership presenters during company-wide town hall gatherings makes the meeting a lot less intimidating and seem a lot less biased. Not only does this allow different perspectives to be represented, it also creates a truer sense of transparency and openness about what’s going on in the organization.

3. Don’t Be Shy about What Isn’t Working

No organization is flawless, and trying to appear that way doesn’t encourage employees to strive for their stretch goals. Publicly addressing your hiccups and giving people a chance to voice issues they see in the office creates learning opportunities and humanizes the company.

4. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid

There’s nothing worse than going to a meeting and not being able to understand a word anyone is saying — especially when you have a string of meetings to get to and an endless list of things to do. Whether it be too many abbreviated tech terminologies or eye-straining slides, try to avoid overly complex topics for your all-hands meetings and keep the message simple, understandable and to the point.

5. Live Stream, Live Stream, Live Stream

When you get into the hundreds or thousands of attendees, live streaming lets you extend the message beyond the big room since attendees can plug in from anywhere and get the same interactive and engaging experience as if they were there in person. Broadcasting a video stream is as simple as sending out a link that viewers can connect to right from their web browsers. Learn more about how streaming can change the way your office operates by checking out our guide “Six Ways Streaming and Recording Will Change the Way You Work.”

6. Two-Way Conversation

Make sure meetings are always two-way conversations between presenters and attendees. Live streaming is just one of the great ways to be interactive and get employees to engage and participate during meetings — others include sending out the meeting agenda ahead of time so people come to the meeting prepared with questions, doing cheesy icebreakers to set the mood, conducting a Q&A during the presentation or just having a question portal during the meeting.

7. Record and Share

Creating a video presence for your organization is easy. With the right technology, your company can leave a technological footprint by creating its own “corporate YouTube” so those who are unable to attend town halls can tune in on their own time. Being able to access important company meetings online any time makes your company truly timeless. Learn more about how Lifesize Record and Share can strengthen your online video presence in our blog “Cool Uses of Video: Your Company’s Own ‘Corporate YouTube.’”

All-Hands Meetings on Lifesize

The worst thing that can happen to a company-wide meeting is to run into technical difficulties. With Lifesize, our systems are built with simplicity in mind so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and can instead focus on the message you’re trying to spread. The Lifesize® Icon™ 800 series is specifically made for large audiences as its rack-mountable design easily fits a podium or server enclosure and it offers multiple audio and video inputs to effortlessly mic up multiple speakers. Lifesize® Live Stream makes it easy to stream company meetings to up to 10,000 attendees, and our recording and sharing add-on lets you record all-hands sessions to share with anyone who couldn’t make the live event.

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