Equipping the Huddle Room

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Huddle rooms, or small-space meeting rooms, are meant for collaboration and designed for getting work done. As open floor plans become more prevalent, the importance of huddle rooms continues to grow. In fact, they are quickly becoming the most productive rooms in offices.


While small, these rooms are mighty; and small but might rooms deserve high-quality features to drive collaboration, efficiency and creativity. Whether your office is just starting to build or upgrade these rooms, you’ll want to include these five must-haves in your design.

-Furniture: The limited square footage of a huddle room allows you to make bold choices without having to completely renovate the entire office. The typical huddle room will have seating for four to five with durable work surfaces.

-Display: Now, it’s time to bring in the technology that turns your stylish sitting room into a built-for-doing huddle room. Teams shouldn’t have to rely on gathering around a laptop to view a presentation or video conference with another group. Because of the nature of huddle rooms, 32”-50” displays are more than sufficient. When deciding on where to mount your display, stay close to eye level to better video conferencing collaboration.

-Whiteboard: Whiteboards can act as a parking lot for ideas you aren’t ready to execute, help you visualize your prioritizes and provide an easy method to modify plans as needed. At the end of your meeting, take a few pictures of your work so you are prepared for the next round of meetings!

-Ambience: Brainstorming and collaboration requires that huddle rooms be well lit and free from noise and distractions. Sound installation prevents noise leakage in and out of the room and a high-quality audio system can significantly increase the quality of a meeting. Sound is vital but so it lighting when considering room ambience. Natural lighting has been connected to better health and increased employee engagement. It is a wonderful addition to many meeting spaces, but care should be taken to provide lighting control in meeting rooms with windows. Rooms in direct sunlight at the wrong time of day can look washed out on video, and a light source directly behind a subject can create a harsh silhouette.

-Video Collaboration: When equipping your huddle room with video conferencing, be sure to look for a solution that provides the same robust feature found in the “big executive boardroom,” like one-click calling, corporate directory with presence and guest user invites. After all, just because you’re meeting in the smaller room, your experience shouldn’t be any different. Our personal favorites: Lifesize Icon 400 and Lifesize Icon Flex.

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