In Case You Missed It | Latest Products and Enhancements from Lifesize

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At Lifesize, we are constantly innovating and developing new features and products to provide customers with a best-in-class video conferencing experience. Lifesize has dedicated teams working on all aspects of our service from our web, desktop and mobile apps to our room systems and everything in between.

Every month we release several improvements as a part of the Lifesize service, which may be small fixes or a major feature or product releases. We know it can be hard to keep up with everything we are doing, so we wanted to highlight the key product releases from the last 12 months.

Lifesize Share™ Now Available

Released May 2018

Lifesize Share eliminates the clutter and delivers a truly wireless solution for sharing your media.

  • Present from any laptop using your web browser
  • Share online media — video and audio — without compromising quality
  • Multiuser sharing queue keeps the meeting moving forward
  • Provide a secure, separate wireless connection point for your guests

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New Lifesize Mobile App

lifesize mobile app

Released May 2018

Enable increased collaboration throughout your organization with the new Lifesize mobile app.

  • Mobile-friendly features like pinch-to-zoom and listen-only mode
  • Consistent experience with the Lifesize web and desktop apps

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New Lifesize Outlook Add-In

lifesize outlook add in  

Released April 2018

The new Lifesize Outlook Add-in has a completely new design with a simple, intuitive interface that is consistent with the new Lifesize web and desktop apps. Users can easily create and schedule meetings or instantly launch a Lifesize call directly from Outlook®.

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Lifesize® Icon™ Version 3.6.0 Release

Released March 2018

The latest Icon version brings more customization options for Lifesize Phone HD. Personalize your home screen wallpaper, layout, buttons and names of your time zones. Additional Icon enhancements include remote pairing, proxy setup capabilities and an adjustment to the default audio output. 

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Third-Party Device Integration

Released February 2018

Customers with Polycom and Cisco video systems can now integrate their devices with the Lifesize cloud-based service to enjoy richer collaboration features like directory dialing, dual-stream video, a dedicated Lifesize extension number and firewall traversal. This ensures investment protection for organizations with existing Polycom or Cisco video conferencing systems that are ready for the benefits of a cloud-based video platform.

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Improvements to Inactive Meetings

Released January 2018

In the Admin Console, admins can set meetings to automatically delete after they are inactive for a specified number of days. Lifesize has made enhancements to improve this experience.

  • New label displayed for meeting rooms that are expiring soon
  • Additional step to verify changes to expiry setting displays a list of meetings that will be deleted as a result of your change

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Support for the New Google Calendar


Released December 2017

The Lifesize Chrome extension now supports both the classic and new version of Google Calendar. The extension will automatically update to the latest version for customers who already have the extension installed. When changing the Lifesize meeting room, it will not overwrite the name or the location of the calendar event in Google.

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Lifesize Icon Version 3.5.0 Release


Released November 2017

The Lifesize Icon 3.5.0 release includes improvements to the in-call experience when connected to a Lifesize Phone HD. This update includes a new intuitive screen on the Phone HD that lists all the participants in the call, and an improved interface for ending a call where moderators can choose to “leave”, “hang up others” and “end for all”. 

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New Lifesize Web and Desktop Apps

Catch up with Lifesize on the latest products and enhancements from the past 12 months.

Released August 2017

We’ve redesigned the Lifesize web and desktop apps to be easier to use and more powerful than ever. Enhancements include:

  • Simple, intuitive design
  • New moderator controls
  • Global search with smart matching
  • Automatic updates
  • In-app product help and tutorials

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Lifesize for Slack and HipChat

Catch up on Lifesize’s latest products and enhancements from the past 12 months.

Released August 2017

Start a Lifesize meeting from Slack or HipChat using the /lifesize command. The chat integrations are available for all Lifesize subscription levels and can be configured by an admin from the Lifesize Admin Console.

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Export Call History and Details

Catch up with Lifesize on the latest products and enhancements from the past 12 months.  

Released July 2017

Export a complete log of your call details and usage from the Admin Console to a comma separated value (CSV) file. The following data can be exported:

  • User call details by number of calls and minutes
  • Video System call details by number of calls and minutes
  • Call history
  • Live Streaming history (if applicable)

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