Getting the Most Out of Lifesize Cloud

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Lifesize Cloud is the most powerful communication and collaboration tool available that lets you connect instantly and in high definition, with up to 40 different users anywhere in the world.  But whereas most powerful tools require special training to use effectively, Lifesize Cloud was designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, which means it takes no time at all for even the most technophobic users to feel at home on the software.


The secret to Lifesize Cloud’s ease of use is that it was designed from the ground up to reflect the ways people interact in real life. The user interface, therefore, is simple and uncluttered, and adding people to either an inbound or outbound call is intuitive. Text chat, direct dialing and meeting scheduling are all supported, and the software is compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones, and there’s even a browser-based version that you don’t have to download.  And because your email address serves as your video address, a simple SRV update can make you globally reachable for video conferencing.  It’s a total Connected Experience, and it runs on Softlayer, an IBM company, the highest performing cloud infrastructure available.

One of Lifesize Cloud’s coolest new features is its compatibility with two of today’s most popular email programs.  A Microsoft Outlook add-in and a Google Calendar extension let users send Lifesize Cloud meeting details from their email, with meeting information automatically added to the body of the request.  This makes it easier than ever to schedule and attend meetings, and it ensures that everyone has access to all of the pertinent meeting information.

Perhaps best of all, Lifesize Cloud’s ease of use extends to the administrator side of things as well.  When you set up your Lifesize video system, it automatically asks you if you’d like to use it with Lifesize Cloud. When you respond in the affirmative, your hardware and software are paired to your Lifesize account in a process similar to setting up Apple TV or Roku. And that’s just the installation process.  Once it’s up and running, a web-based administrator console provides you with detailed reporting and centralized management, letting you access usage reports, see who is and who isn’t using Lifesize Cloud, identify calls that have experienced quality issues and a whole lot more.  And because it’s cloud-based, it makes for easy scalability, with software upgrades installing automatically.  Firewall traversal is included, and no public IP addresses or NAT are required.

Taken as a whole, Lifesize Cloud isn’t just a powerful business tool that happens to be easy to use; it’s a powerful business tool precisely because it’s so easy to use.  And getting the most out of your Lifesize Cloud software is as simple as using it. Check out the webinar “Video Conferencing for Every Person | Getting the Most Out of Lifesize Cloud” to learn more tips, tricks and details about Lifesize Cloud.

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