How to Take Back Your Software Stack

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A big assumption about shadow IT is that it’s just a harmless part of the discovery phase of technology, but that’s not always the case. The presence of rogue IT has become more prevalent in the modern workplace as things like free trials, freemium tools and BYOD trends have made it easy to circumvent even the strictest in-house tech policies. And as Shadow IT permeates our organizations, it simultaneously pushes internal IT teams away and leaves them out of control. In our recent webinar, we evaluated how three different companies dealt with too many tools in their offices and discussed some tips on how to combat Shadow IT.

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The tricky thing about collaboration technology in the workplace is that it’s constantly changing, so it can be challenging to keep track of all the trends. Oftentimes, Shadow IT becomes a problem when multiple tools are being used to perform a single task. So, while most companies try to employ tools easy to use and approachable, not having consistency in these tools inevitably becomes a nightmare for both IT managers and end users as it triggers inefficiency, confusion and unnecessary costs in the workplace. During our webinar, we learned how three different companies struggled with their current collaboration practices and what they did to consolidate and simplify their technology stacks to combat Shadow IT takeovers.

Identifying, managing and combatting something as large as Shadow IT isn’t a one-person task — the more people who are on board and the more open the communication is, the easier it will be. After all, while there’s an “I” in IT, there is no “I” in team. A few tips and tricks mentioned in this webinar include building a rapport with department stakeholders, being an ally instead of a babysitter and truly getting your hands dirty in the evaluating and decision-making process of choosing a unified collaboration tool.

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Luckily, with an all-in-one solution like Lifesize, we give you everything you need to combat collaboration Shadow IT and keep it out for good. Not only are we built with IT in mind to provide security, resiliency and network reliability, we’re also just really good at what we do. Lifesize’s communication streams support 128-bit AES and TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for all signaling by default, and we have all the conference room hardware you need to make your meeting rooms the best they can be. Check out our guide “The IT Manager Who Shattered Shadow IT” to learn more about what you can do to start taking back your software stack.