Critical Requirement: ID10t-Proof Video Conferencing

by in Cloud, Lifesize

If you’re in IT, as soon as words like endpoint IP address enter the equation for connecting two groups of people, you’re in trouble. Users don’t want to be burdened by difficult-to-navigate systems. They want to click on someone’s name to start a conversation. If you navigate away from simplicity, you’re going to run into ID10t errors.


The ID10t error is a prolific technological nuisance found throughout many of our day-to-day tasks. The error is not bound by operating system, as it is present on both Mac® and PC machines (although seldom seen on Linux®) and is even known to creep into a variety of other IoT devices.

ID10t errors can be difficult to diagnose, as they are rarely reported with relevant qualifying information, but due to their simplistic nature, they are generally easy to fix. In this guide, we’ll walk through ID10t proofing the notoriously ID10t error-ridden technology of video conferencing and provide a breakdown of the administrative features and services that make Lifesize a ridiculously reliable, stable and secure experience. We’ll also look at some (un)common uses for video conferencing and, hopefully, leave you with a better understanding of how video conferencing has completely transformed from expensive hardware reserved for the elite few into a productivity powerhouse for daily business collaboration.