It’s a Wonderful Business Life

by in Changing the Way the World Communicates, People

We live in wonderful times. The technology apps we have at our fingertips are incredible. Some are just plain fun, but a number are vital productivity apps that help drive the economic engines at our companies. Without them, our workdays would be much different. Basic tasks we complete in minutes might take ten, twenty or even fifty times longer. Some might require a new set of processes—others might need to be divvied up among an entire team.


Let’s focus on collaboration apps. Which are most important to you in your role?

Are you buried in email all day? I’m so sorry. I’d personally welcome giving up email permanently. It’s a constant interruption, and do we even need to discuss the ever-present spam that clogs our inboxes? It’s nauseating.

Is instant messaging your preferred tool? How do you manage in a medium that restricts you to 144 characters per message? Maybe your world is acronyms and abbreviations. TTYL. Ugh. No.

How about phone calls? Is a headset permanently wrapped across your dome while you take care of business 480 minutes a day, five days a week? That’s a challenge I think my jaw would fail. I dread answering the phone, even when the caller is someone I know and like (sorry, Mom). I so dislike talking on the phone that I had my desk phone at work removed. Good riddance.

Video calling is my thing. I find that looking a colleague or a customer in the eye makes for a more connected relationship and a more meaningful collaboration experience. Appearances can give you clues to their style and personality, and you can quickly discern the mood of the conversation. To me, video conferencing is more engaging. Your eyes and ears are in tune with the conversation, facilitating a rich and productive interaction. It’s truly collaborative and makes every business day much more rewarding.

Losing my video conferencing app would be like stepping back in time. Video is a part of my everyday workflow, for obvious reasons. I’ve become so comfortable with it that I’m not certain I’d know how to function in my job without it. I wonder how different my business relationships would be without video (cue George Bailey).

What about you? Tell us which collaboration app you’d miss the most at work in the comments section below.