It’s here … Come join the Lifesize Community!

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I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee thinking about Star Wars and why I love communities. Okay, mostly about the way communities work, how they take on a life of their own and how they create a sense of camaraderie, even family. The sense of community is strong, it’s akin to the Force before the bizarre introduction of midi-chlorians, and can lead to amazing things.

lifesize_communityAt Lifesize, we are focused on delivering customers the products and tools they need to be successful, which is why I’m pleased to introduce the launch of our Lifesize Community.

When you join our community, you know you have gained the ear of Lifesize. Our executive team is in the community; every department has representation in the community; every post, file, share and update will be seen. So what? Well, let me throw a few feature highlights your way:

Feature requests and ideation are integral. We want to hear from you. We want to build products that you, our members, partners and customers, want to use and enjoy using. Create an idea, whether it’s an enhancement, a new product feature or even a new product. Ideas are your way of telling our product team what you want and need. After you create an idea, the community can show support by voting on it.

Lifesize University is open to all. We have opened our training content to everyone. There are hundreds of videos and other pieces of consumable content for you to explore. You don’t have to go to a separate portal and ask for access anymore—the University is open to all.

You have questions, and we have answers. When I say we’re listening, I mean it. Support staff is watching the Cloud, On-Premises and Video Systems (Endpoints) and Accessories spaces. Start a discussion or post your questions, and answers will be forthcoming. Connecting the dots between engineering, product management, support, and you is central to our mission.

We want everyone in the game. The community has a robust gamification engine, complete with leaderboards and space-specific leaderboards. Come earn points and badges and proudly display your stats in your profile. Climb the leaderboard and show others that you’ve got the know-how and the desire to help. Post content, get points, and get recognized. It’s that easy.

We are obsessed with making sure that you are successful. We are obsessed with making the best product out there. We know we can count on you, and we know you can count on us.

Come join your Lifesize Community and experience the change. This is only the beginning.