Lifesize Cloud Continues to Expand its Reach

by in Cloud

The reach and impact of Lifesize Cloud in the video conferencing industry continues to expand. Today, we are thrilled to announce the pairing of our new cloud-based video conferencing service, Lifesize Cloud, with our Lifesize 220 Series, which includes Lifesize Express 220, Team 220, Room 220 and Room 220i. Room220_HighRes_0512 (2) Now, Lifesize 220 system users can enjoy a number of benefits of Lifesize Cloud, including:
  • One-click dialing – Simply click on a name in your directory and voila, their device rings.
  • Seamless call escalation – Going from a person-to-person call to a multiparty call is as easy as clicking on additional names in your directory. That’s it. There’s no need to hang up, set up a bridge, send out the invite to everyone and then dial into the bridge (that’s so annoying, right?)
  • Company users and meetings directories – When you pair a Lifesize 220 system with Lifesize Cloud, you gain a common set of directories that auto-populate and automatically update. It’s magic!
  • Automatic software updates – With Lifesize Cloud, you won’t have to manually update the software, it does it automatically. Sweet!
  • Work anywhere – Lifesize Cloud lets you work anywhere anytime on any device. The technology doesn’t dictate where you make your video calls—you do.
It’s pretty exciting news for the growing legion of workers who rely on video collaboration to be more productive. Take a tour of Lifesize Cloud in action to learn more!