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Did you know that nearly 37 percent of U.S. employee time is spent in meetings, which cumulates to more than 11 million meetings each and every day? With nearly 3.8 billion meetings happening each year, employees are spending time not only attending meetings but also on the logistics of scheduling meetings.

If you are anything like me, you may schedule and attend meetings all day. After more than 60 meetings last month, I wanted to share my secret to success.

I’ve had the chance to test a new feature that allows me to schedule all of my Lifesize Cloud meeting directly from Microsoft® Outlook®. Not an Outlook user? No worries—we’ve got Google Calendar™ covered too!


At Lifesize, we are focused on delivering award-winning, integrated video conferencing technology to help you be more successful in your job, all from within your existing workflow tools.

To that point, Lifesize announced the newest additions to our already robust features package: a Google Calendar extension and a Microsoft Outlook add-in. For the first time ever, Cloud users can schedule meetings directly from their Google Calendar and Outlook workflows, without ever opening the Lifesize Cloud application.

To download the Google Calendar extension and the Microsoft Outlook add-in, click the links below:

Lifesize Cloud Calendar Extension

Lifesize Cloud Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Once you’ve downloaded the Outlook add-in or Google Calendar extension, simply click on the Lifesize Cloud button and then select attendees and dialing preference for your meeting. It’s that easy!

Lifesize Cloud is evolving rapidly, and we’re happy to have you on board. Be sure to check our Recent Updates and What’s New sections on our website to learn more about this revolutionary, integrated video conferencing technology.