More control over your meetings

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While some would argue that proper etiquette is to say “Happy New Year” only through the first week of the new year, I’ve been saving my “Happy New Year” for our first round of Lifesize Cloud updates. So, here it is—Happy New Year! Here at Lifesize, 2014 was an amazing year, and we are extremely proud of what we have planned for 2015. Last year marked the launch of Lifesize Cloud, the first cloud-based video conferencing solution that allows any business to simply and affordably enable an entire organization with the highest quality video communications experience. With availability in over 100 countries, the global adoption of Lifesize Cloud has been tremendous. In 2015, we are focused on delivering HD video technology to empower more collaboration, increase productivity and have more control over meetings.



Toward that end, we announced interoperability with Microsoft® Lync® to extend your meetings with Lync users. Now, Lync users can call directly from their native app to connect to Lifesize Cloud meetings, without having to download another app. Then, we launched a Google Calendar™ extension and a Microsoft® Outlook® add-in, empowering Cloud users to schedule meetings directly from their calendars and therefore eliminating the need to leave their calendar apps. Finally, to give you even more control over your meetings, we’ve rolled out six new enhancements to Lifesize Cloud.


For our Lifesize Cloud video conferencing users, we are continuing to evolve to create an environment for seamless meetings. Here are two new features for you:

Lecture Mode:

Take full control of your meetings by assigning one person to present and lead. With lecture mode, users can assign a primary presenter to show full screen, allowing a single person to take the reins. When creating a meeting, simply select who will be the presenter.

Support for iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus:

We love iPhones just as much as you! Lifesize Cloud now works on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Account managers, we want to ensure that you have all the tools you need to be successful. Here are a few updates just for you:

Dashboard: Active/Available Users:

Now, you can identify teammates who are underutilizing video conferencing and reallocate unused Lifesize Cloud accounts throughout your company by viewing the dashboard for active and available users.

Call Quality Reports:

Let us help you troubleshoot your network. The new call quality reports offer a simple pie chart for a complete view of what’s happening on your network to ensure that you are always up and running with Lifesize Cloud.

50+ Local Telephone Dial-In Numbers:

We also rolled out local telephone dial-in numbers for 14 additional countries.


Lifesize Cloud is evolving rapidly, and we’re happy to have you on board. Be sure to check our Recent Updates and What’s New sections on our website to learn more about our cloud-based video conferencing solution.