What to do when your friend leaves his phone unguarded when he goes to the restroom

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We use our phones for everything. We text, talk, and video chat with our friends; we pass the time with games and social media; and we look up that actor in that movie whenever we need to settle a debate. From first morning alarm to evening recharge, our phones ride shotgun wherever we go. Because we rely so heavily on these tiny computers, we asked our good friends Tripp and Tyler to share their tips on how to best use a phone. Watch the video to make sure you’re up to date on the latest in phone etiquette.

As you’ll have learned from Tripp and Tyler, if you’re ever in a situation where one of your friends has left his or her unlocked phone in your possession, the etiquette legally obligates you to mess with it. Here are five fun phone pranks listed in order of likeliness of your being unfriended:

The Krazy Keyboard – Change the default keyboard setting from QWERTY to AZERTY. When your friend returns, remind him to “do that thing” on his phone and watch the confusion unfold.


PRANK LEVEL:“You got me …”

The Away Message – Change your friend’s voicemail recording. You won’t be able to witness this prank in action, but do call your friend a week later when you know she won’t be able to answer to check in on your masterpiece. A word of caution—when was the last time you checked your own voicemail message? PRANK LEVEL: “Did you do this?”


The Dinner Party – Send text messages to five random contacts asking if they’d like to come to dinner next Tuesday night. Observe your friend as he deals with the responses—is he the type to explain away the joke, or will he follow through with the party and possibly reconnect with some long lost friends? Do take full credit for any rekindling that may come of the prank. PRANK LEVEL: “I’m going to get you back!”


The Autocorrect AUTOCARROT* – Inside the brains of every good phone lives a dictionary of suggested spellings. Whether or not they envisioned this prank ahead of time, developers also included a feature to allow phone owners to add their own corrections to the dictionary. You can create shortcuts for replacement words in the keyboards menu. shortcuts-01 PRANK LEVEL: “You’re such an AWESOME GUY*”


The Freaky Friday – This prank involves altering your friend’s contacts info to swap the numbers of her significant other and one of her parents. Think of the hilarious ramifications of a text intended for a boyfriend that accidentally went to a parent. WARNING: If executed correctly, this will likely end your friendship.


PRANK LEVEL: “Sleep with one eye open.”

We hope you try out a few of these pranks the next time you’re faced with an unlocked phone. And if you have some suggestions, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any ruined friendships that result from the above pranks.