Transforming the Way the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Communicates using Lifesize

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The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska was seeking a simple and cost-efficient collaboration solution that would bring remote members together and redefine how they meet. We had the opportunity to talk to Ponca Tribal Chairman Larry Wright Jr. and Hilary Farley, the Ponca Tribe’s IT Manager to learn more about the impact the Lifesize service has made on the growth and development of their organization.

  Learn how the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska runs on Lifesize.

Before deploying video across their geographically dispersed counties, members were driving an average of 3.5 hours just to attend staff and tribal council meetings. They wanted to find a way to meaningfully connect and communicate that was scalable, affordable and easy to support.

“With Lifesize, the community is at a level that it has never been before, and the presence of video has changed the stability of meetings completely…. We even require committee members to record and share their meetings now.” — Larry Wright Jr. 

The Ponca Tribe is now equipped with more than 11 Lifesize® Icon™ conference room camera systems, has staff and members across Nebraska and the United States utilizing the mobile Lifesize app and has recently purchased five Lifesize Share™ devices. Program leaders have also implemented Lifesize throughout several of their key community initiatives as well — Lifesize has completely transformed the dynamic of how they communicate and collaborate.

Want to learn more about how Lifesize enhances collaboration? Catch us at TribalNet in Las Vegas from November 5–8, 2018, to talk all things video conferencing.