Real-Time Collaboration and the Importance of 1080p Data

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I’m amused by people who insist that they need to see things on paper. We live in a digital age, yet we consume more forests than ever. People print their daily calendars, emails (really?), draft copy for data sheets, user guides, web content and even the catering menus from their favorite restaurants so they can order grub for their working lunch meetings.


It’s a travesty, but I recognize that you can’t change human behavior. Some people simply prefer paper. This preference is why these folks reject e-readers. They love the feel and weight of bulky paper in their hands.

Now, when you are in your working lunch meeting with greasy barbecue fingers and your colleagues in Demuth pull up a schematic to point out a possible design defect, you aren’t about to stop the meeting and print out 20 copies for everyone in the conference room.

This is when real-time collaboration in 1080p data becomes a crucial benefit. You are able to view the schematic from the comfort of your conference room chair with the clarity and acuity that you wish your eyes could replicate when staring at the vision chart in the optometrist’s office. Everyone marvels at the crispness of the image while also applying a critical eye to what’s on screen because failing to identify the problem correctly and quickly could cause your customers to miss their deadlines, and that might cost your company dearly.

It is at this moment, as both teams agree on the problem and diagram a solution, that you congratulate yourself for embracing the digital age and chuckle about your boss, who couldn’t make this meeting and wants a meeting report posthaste—on paper.

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