Real-Time Collaboration and the Importance of Quality

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We’ve all been in that meeting where the technology quality got in the way of the conversation. The person on the video call freezes up, the audio lags and tunes out and the presentation screen glitches beyond illegible. Then you have to make that call to IT and sit while you wait for them to restart the whole system. Issues with quality are distracting, and they can absolutely ruin productivity. 

Lifesize makes high quality real-time collaboration easy for your meetings.

With 75% of companies rating collaboration as very important for their organizations, the necessity for high quality video, audio and presentation technology to support the speed and variety of how end users meet and communicate is more crucial than ever.

Video Quality

With video, the quality of the camera lens is not the only piece of the puzzle. Having a platform that can both transfer HD quality video data and perform in low bandwidth environments is key. Additionally, having a camera sensor that automatically adjusts brightness and frames participants makes a big difference for the in-room and on-screen experience.

Audio Quality

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a meeting when the audio cuts out. Lifesize runs the very efficient Opus audio codec with built-in error concealment to offer a noticeably better audio experience compared to a standard call. When using the Lifesize Phone HD in the conference room, users can take advantage of additional quality features like acoustic echo cancellation, background noise suppression and adaptive jitter buffers specifically designed around video conference calling. 

Presentation Quality

Whether you are sharing a slide presentation or any other app on your computer, you should expect viewers on the other end of the call to see the content as clearly as you are delivering it. Lifesize not only delivers HD quality presentations with dedicated presentation feeds in the conference room, it also goes the extra step to ensure that shared content remains crystal clear through the duration of the meeting for people joining remotely. Lifesize architecture prioritizes readability with the ability to dynamically adjust your resolution to make the most of the available bandwidth.

For those receiving a presentation, Lifesize even makes it easy to control what’s being shown on your screen — a slider lets you choose how you divvy up your screen real estate between the presentation and video participants. 

Quality collaboration shouldn’t be confined to the walls of your own office building. Lifesize is powered by the IBM Cloud private network to ensure redundancy and failover for your mission-critical communications. The unmatched, superior quality of the Lifesize platform makes collaborating with someone across the globe as easy as if they were sitting right in front of you. Prioritizing quality in your real-time collaboration solution ensures that the technology never gets in the way of what matters most — being able to meaningfully connect with the people you work with every day.